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YOU are invited to the


A Peek into Healthy Teen Living

You, your “trusted adult” and parents or guardians are invited to the Young Lives Matter event school and community outreach event. It is sponsored by Aidreane Hatfield’s for her senior project and Homedale High School's Sources of Strength group.

WHEN? Monday April 23rd Time: 6 pm-7 pm Appetizers will be served at 6:00 with a presentation following. There will be time for questions following the presentation.

WHERE? The Homedale High School Library

Guest Speakers: A representative from Terry Reilly & HHS Student Sources of Strength President Nallely Gonzalez and Sources of Strength students.


The Sources of Strength program goal is to spread a message of hope, help and strength to Homedale High School students. Sources of Strength takes a different approach in youth suicide prevention by moving beyond a singular focus on risk factors through building multiple sources of support around young individuals so that when times get hard they have strengths to rely on.

Young Lives Matter Flyer

  S.O.S. Thankfulness Challenge Week:  

November13th-16th Sources of Strength Sponsored a Thankfulness campaign. Sources of Strength president Nallely Gonzalez and vice president Ember Christensen did a presentation with HHS students during advisory highlighting the power of being thankful and expressing gratitude to others. They showed a video demonstrating how being grateful not only helps the person receiving the encouraging message, but improves the happiness of the person expressing their gratitude. Students were encouraged to write a thank you card to a trusted adult who had made a positive difference in their lives.


Brain research has found that a person who makes a conscious effort to think about three things that they are grateful for each day for 21 days can change their brain chemistry to create more feelings of well-being and to help them have a more positive outlook. Students were given a Thankfulness Journal to chronicle three things they were thankful for the next 21 days.



 SPIRIT WEEK was March 19th-22nd!!! 




A Special Thanks to S.I.L.O.

S.I.L.O. or the Southwestern Idaho Legacy Organization donated $600.00 to the HHS Sources of Strength program. The organization was created in 1976 with the mission to provide funds for projects that benefit residents of Canyon and Owyhee County. The funds are designated for Red Ribbon Week, S.O.S. Spirit Week in the spring, and for any additional funds needed for campaigns throughout the year.




Red Ribbon Week October 23rd-26th  2017: Red Ribbon Week theme days at HHS were planned by Sources of Strength (S.O.S.) peer leaders. Monday was Crazy Hair Day, Tuesday was Flannel Day, Wednesday was Spirit Day, and Thursday was Tie Dye Day. S.O.S. peer leaders promoted Strength based messages during advisory all week by helping teach lessons and lead activities. All HHS students were given the opportunity to learn about the importance of having a trusted adult or mentor, what having and being a positive friend is all about, and students determined from the eight strengths, which one was the most important to them over the past year. S.O.S. president Nallely Gonzalez with a team of students organized a S.O.S. Carnival on Wednesday October 25th for spirit day with the goal of getting everyone involved in healthy activities. The lunch period was extended so everyone could participate. Booths included, face painting, fishing for compliments, apple bobbing, an obstacle course, a tie dye station, sack races, basketball hoop shoot, a balloon game challenge…The National guard came and set up a battle bots game and a strength measuring punching bag. On Thursday Ms. Dodge car was filled with freshmen to emphasize the "better together" friendship theme. Students guessed how many freshmen would fit with Lizbet Albor making the winning guess of 18. It was a great week. Positive messages about spreading Help, Hope and Strength continue on with a campaign promoting all HHS students to find a trusted adult or mentor. Students are encouraged to take "selfies" with their trusted adults or mentors and posting them on the Wall of Trust outside the guidance counselor’s office. The goal is for all HHS students to be able to name a trusted adult!





















Click Here: S.O.S. Freshmen Stuff Video

 Sources of Strength Peer Leaders & Advisers for the 2017-18 School Year



Sources of Strength Booster Training/Cossa Risky Behaviors Symposium

On Wednesday September 27th, Homedale High School had the fourth annual Sources of Strength Suicide prevention training program. Mrs. Debbie Flaming a state certified trainer for Sources of Strength through the S.P.A.N. Idaho (Suicide Prevention Action Network) conducted the Booster training. Homedale High School students were nominated by fellow students, teachers and staff to participate in the program. One of the goals of the training is to get in groups and plan campaigns to spread messages of Hope, Help & Strength. Another goal is for students to have resources to be an example of strength and to connect their peers to resources such as trusted adults in times of difficulty.On Thursday September 28th, Sources of Strength peer leaders went on a field trip to the Risky Behaviors Symposium at Cossa. Speakers from Buckle Up for Bobbie, Anti-Bullying, MADD, and the Truth Project were featured.


Red Ribbon Week Flyer





Click Here: 1st you-tube video by HHS S.O.S. Mission Statement.

In the fall of 2014 an additional $1,000 was donated to Homedale High School Sources of Strength by the Class of l964. Representatives approached Mrs. Debbie Flaming this fall and said they were interested in making a donation to improve character building skills for high school students and they felt the program was a good thing to endorse. The donation will be used by the students for developing their outreach campaigns.

THANK YOU Class of 1964!


Sources of Strength



Sources of Strength Red Ribbon Week a GREAT Success! October 24th-27th.



Click Here: Video "Instead of This..." by S.O.S.





10/24 Monday: MENTORS

The theme was Who is the “Rock in Your Life?”

To kick off Red Ribbon Week, students dressed up as their favorite Rock & Roll band member. During Advisory the entire student body met for an assembly highlighting how important it is to have a mentor or trusted adult to confide in and talk to. Students then decorated rocks and wrote the name(s) of the individuals they looked up to and considered their mentor. These rocks are now on display around the tree in the courtyard.


10/25 Tuesday: Positive Friends


The theme was “Don’t Throw Shade…Wear Shades . Student’s looked “Cool” wearing their sunglasses. The new students were considered the “stars” for the day. During Advisory, the entire student body met for an assembly. During the assembly the 37 new students and foreign exchange students were introduced and given a large star for the rest of the students to sign and to write welcoming messages on.

 10/26 Wednesday: Healthy Activities

The theme was Get Involved Day. Clubs, extra-curricular activities were highlighted by encouraging students to wear t-shirts, jackets, colors or uniforms… that represented that group. During Advisory the entire student body met for an assembly encouraging involvement in healthy activities by participating in silly relays and a tug of war. Students were encouraged to get involved by signing up for the many clubs and activities available at HHS.

 10/27 Thursday: Generosity

The theme was School Pride & Spirit Day. Students were encouraged to wear RED & WHITE and they enjoyed music in the hallways during passing periods and lunch. During Advisory, the Sources of Strength Peer Leaders went into the classrooms and lead the students in an activity that highlighted the strengths all of us rely on when we are going through difficult times.  The eight strengths are, Family Support, Positive Friends, Mentors, Healthy Activities, Generosity, Spirituality, Medical Access and Mental Health.  

Students made posters with lists and pictures illustrating their strengths. These posters are now displayed in the hallway by the guidance counselor office and band room.





Our mission is to provide the highest quality prevention for suicide,violence, and substance abuse by training, supporting and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their friendship networks and by using rigorous testing to maximize health and protection in the real world. 


We lead in the field of suicide prevention by respecting differences in individuals, communities and cultures and by drawing out stories of strength and healing.  Many strengths are more powerful than one, and our united goal is to activate and mobilize these strengths in ways that positively change individuals and communities

SPAN Idaho Community Flyer

Sources of Strength Nomination Flyer

Parent Permission Form

Peer Leaders Mission Statement


 2016-17 Sources of Strength

HHS S.O.S. Website

Sources of Strength is a best practice youth suicide prevention project that utilizes the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture and ultimately prevent suicide, bullying and substance abuse. The program is designed to prevent suicide by increasing help seeking behaviors and connections between peers and caring adults with a focus on Hope, Help and Strength. Sources of Strength takes a different approach in youth suicide prevention by moving beyond a singular focus on risk factors through building multiple sources of support around young individuals so that when times get hard they have strengths to rely on.

Sources of Strength Website

The Sources of Strength program goal is to spread a message of hope, help and strength to Homedale High School students. The Sources of Strength program is a part of The Idaho Lives Project. Student Services Specialist Mrs. Debbie Flaming wrote a grant application and Homedale High School was selected as one of the first schools to implement the program in Idaho. The Idaho Lives Project is a joint effort by the Idaho State Department of Education and the Suicide Prevention Action Network or S.P.A.N. Idaho project. Selected schools received grant money to implement the Sources of Strength Program, which is the school/community portion of the project. The program is designed to deal indirectly with suicide prevention by helping students identify eight areas of strength, and to build on those strengths. The eight areas, which are listed in a circular logo design, are family support, mental health, medical access, spirituality, generosity, healthy activities, mentors and positive friends. The groundwork has begun for the program. A group of Homedale High School staff members will serve as program advisors. This group includes Debbie Flaming, Ed Lee, Stacy Holton, Cameron Wiemerslage, Casey Grove, Becky Emery, DeAnn Thatcher and Janee Brumfield.

46 students have signed up to participate in the student peer group. The Sources of Strength program utilizes the ideas and efforts of the student peers to help formulate a plan for getting out the message about the eight strengths. Then the students brainstorm ideas and create their own projects, such as a poster campaign, or hold activities and games to promote the message. 

Core Principals:

  • Train both peer leaders and adults – one without the other lacks prevention power
  • Use peer leaders to break down codes of silence and increase peer help seeking
  • Core emphasis on strengths that move beyond a singular focus on risk and suicide warnings
  • Multiple sources of support are encouraged – including but moving beyond a singular focus on mental health referrals
  • Hope, Help, and Strength messages delivered by peer leaders using local faces and voices