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Senior Project Testimonies:


Click Here: Video of Senior Project Testimonials

Click Here: Video of Senior Project Testimonies

Background Information:

Due to the generosity of the Albertsons Foundation and the Go On grant, Homedale High School has offered all seniors a Senior Project Class to provide help, time and support for students to meet this requirement. The class has been available during the 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and the current 2017-18 school year!  The title of the class has been updated this year to Senior Leadership. The class has a new instructor, Mrs. Kristie Dorsey. Senior Leadership classes are offered 4th & 6th periods and the class is one semester either 1st or 2nd.

The Senior Leadership (Project):

The goal of the Senior Leadership class is to provide the time and support students need to help them develop and complete an independent study project of their own design. They must secure a mentor to provide accountability. The project demonstrates a senior's ability to write, speak, problem-solve, apply knowledge and skills and to practice the life skills of time management, organization and risk-taking.   There are four phases of the Senior Project:  Portfolio, Project, Paper, and Presentation.  The Portfolio is a compilation of materials created and utilized by the student, documenting the individual's educational journey.  The Project requires a student to apply the knowledge gained during research in the thinking, design, and/or actual production of project.  The Paper is on a topic of the student's choice and involves all the researching skills necessary to develop a deeper understanding and knowledge about the student's chosen topic.  The Presentation is the final phase which requires the student to present their project in a public setting and is scored using specific criteria. 

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Senior Leadership (Project) class at Homedale High School is to provide an opportunity for each student to demonstrate his/her readiness to become a productive citizen of the world community and to prepare for post-secondary college and career readiness.

Vision Statement

Homedale High School values the Senior Leadership class and has a clear vision of what the project will accomplish. Students will become:

  • Self-directed achievers
  • Involved in community
  • Collaborative workers
  • Critical thinkers with-
    • A strong work ethic
    • Strong research skills
  • Develop public speaking/presentation skills 


Thank You to the Albertsons Foundation



2017-18 Senior Project Handbook

Job Shadow Packet