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PTECH Program at HHS (Sponsored by the Albertsons Foundation):

The PTECH program is now available for all students through an online Career & College Exploration website. Participating students will embark on a journey to a career by following the online PTECH Career Map. Students can earn prizes and field trips while building a plan for their future. Along the way students will have a chance to talk to and visit with Idaho employers, build their network, and identify training and job opportunities right in their own backyard…So how do you get started?  Students click the link to apply. http://www.idahoptech.org/apply/ Parents must approve student registration by providing their email address to sign the release form. For more information visit http://www.idahoptech.org/experience/


Idaho PTECH Website




Participate in PTECH with a 3–4 year commitment. You’ll incorporate PTECH into your high school classes as part of the 11th and 12th grade and complete your +1 year at a local community college. An optional +2 year is available, depending on your industry requirements and the pace of your progress.

Help us create a brighter future for Idaho students. The Idaho PTECH Network is all about connecting students like you with successful careers—but we need you to make it happen! We’re looking for enthusiastic people to pioneer the program and give us feedback to make it even better.