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Homedale High School 2017-18 Dual Credit Information & Course Offerings

Dual credit courses are COLLEGE classes that are taught at Homedale High School.  Here’s how it works.  For $65 per credit, students can choose from a list of Homedale High School courses (see list below) that are ‘dually’ taught.  This means that the teacher is teaching a curriculum that not only lines up with high school standards, but is also aligned with a college curriculum.  Students taking these courses can receive 1 credit per semester on their high school transcript PLUS 3 to 5 credits on a college transcript for the same class. Homedale High School students can graduate with a significant amount of college credits already started for a fraction of the cost by taking dual credit courses.  Starting the 2016-17 school year, each Idaho student has a credit of $4125.00 to apply towards their dual credit classes. This is done through the Fast Forward website and Mrs. Flaming will help students with applying for this state aid.


Advanced Opportunities


Boise State University: Homedale High School Instructors

Mr. Thatcher PHYS 101, Introduction to Physics 4 Credits

B.S.U. Con-current Credit Website

Fabiola Juarez-Coca, Concurrent Enrollment Director
Extended Studies Division, Boise State University
Phone: (208) 426-2281
E-mail: fjuarez@boisestate.edu

Deadlines For Fall & Yearlong Courses 2017

Registration Deadline: Friday September 29, 2017

Withdrawal Deadline: October 27th, 2017

Payment Deadline December 1st, 2017

(For Fall and year-long classes: Registration takes place in the fall semester).

Click Here for Registration Instruction Video

BSU Concurrent Enrollment Instructions

Click Here for BSU New Student registration link


 Lewis and Clark State College:

 Mr. Lee  English 102  (LCSC & IDLA) 3 Credits

Lewis-Clark State College registration deadline for Dual Credit is September 30th, 2017 for FALL courses.


LCSC Registration Instructions

LCSC Registration Form


College of Western Idaho: Homedale High School Instructors

Mrs.Gosner ENG101 English Composition 3 Credits (Honors English 11)

Mr. Thatcher MATH170 Calculus 5 Credits (Calculus)

Mr. Lee ENG 101 English Composition 3 Credits (Honors English 12)

Mr. Olsen MATH 143 College Algebra 3 Credits/MATH 144 Trigonometry 2 Credits (Pre-Calculus)

Mr. Lyons POLS 101 American National Government 3 Credits (Government)


C.W.I. Website  http://cwidaho.cc/future-students/dual-credit-students-and-parents

Stephen Crumbine Director, Dual Enrollment

Phone: 208.562.3247

Email: stephencrumbine@cwidaho.cc


Click Here for CWI Registration Instructions

Click Here for CWI registration packet


College of Western Idaho Yearlong Courses Registration Deadline is 2nd Semester.


Certificate of Residency Instructions


Northwest Nazarene University: Homedale High School Instructor

Mrs. Isla BIOL1060 Human Biology and Lab 4 Credits

N.N.U. Website http://www.nnu.edu/academics/high-school-programs/concurrent-credit


Northwest Nazarene University

Michele Corkish, Coordinator

Concurrent Credit ~ Express Education

Northwest Nazarene University

623 S University Blvd.

Nampa, ID 83686

(208) 467-8109 or (800) 349-6938


NNU Brochure

Click Here for NNU Online registration

Certificate of Residency Instructions


Registration Deadline is September 29th, 2017.  Do this through your school with a hard copy registration or online. NNU accepts cash or checks (made payable to NNU). Students are encouraged to use Fast Forward Funds! 


College of Southern Idaho: IDLA Dual Credit Classes

Dual Credit Registration Process must be done online. 


Cesar Perez

Associate Dean of Extended Studies

Phone: 208-732-6280

Fax:  208-736-4785

Email: cperez@csi.edu


Karrie Hornbacher

Coordinator for Accelerated Learning

Phone: 208-732-6276

Fax: 208-736-4785

Email: khornbacher@csi.edu

Dual Credit Website for CSI

Click Here for CSI Registration Process Information

Certificate of Residency Instructions

 Requesting Transcripts for Dual Credit Classes taken at Homedale High School

When students take dual credit classes, they must register for the class not only through the high school but with the college or university as well. There are deadlines for applying and payment. Just because a class is listed as a dual credit class on the high school transcript does not guarantee that the student has received college credit. The high school is responsible to send out transcripts for the high school only. Students with dual credits that they want to transfer to college must request transcripts from the specific colleges the classes were given from. Links to the college transcript request websites are listed for your convenience below. 


ALL dual credit courses offered by Homedale High School transfer to colleges or universities that accepts transfer credits.  You can cross reference dual credit courses with your college of preference to see how those credits transfer. Go to the admissions page of the college’s website and click on ‘transfer students’, then ‘transfer credits’. If the particular course isn’t listed, you can call the college admissions personnel for verification.

Boise State University – B.S.U. http://admissions.boisestate.edu/official-transcripts/

College of Western Idaho- C.W.I.  http://cwidaho.cc/current-students/transcripts

 Northwest Nazarene University- N.N.U. http://registrar.nnu.edu/transcript

College of Southern Idaho-C.S.I. https://www.csi.edu/currentStudents_/eagleInfo/transcripts.html

North Idaho College N.I.C. http://www.nic.edu/websites/default.aspx?dpt=49&pageId=724

Lewis and Clark College http://college.lclark.edu/offices/registrar/transcripts/